Noctilucent clouds visible from Airbus A330 flight deck
Noctilucent cloud visible over Northern Canada

First, lets get this out of the way: I am current airline pilot flying long-haul for a major airline. I’ve been flying for over 20 years (with the grey hairs to prove it)! I’ve worked for a number of airlines as both First Officer and Captain, and I’ve flown aircraft from single engine piston, up to the Airbus A330 which I currently fly.

Why did I start this site? Good question… I’ve been passionate about flying since I could speak and I know I’m lucky enough to have been succeeded in my dream. With COVID-19 things have slowed down and I finally have a little bit of spare time (in between flying and family life) and I’ve always want to share some of my knowledge. In fact I’ve already learnt a lot of new things writing for this site, and I’ve only just started.

Thanks for stopping by!


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